flash light 280


  • Spotlight/Search Light, Camping Lantern, Red Flashing Warning Light and Power Bank All in One.
  • Runs on Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery.
  • Direct Plug to Recharge by Attached Micro USB Cable.
  • Power Bank Feature Allows Charging of Electric Devices.
  • LED Indicators Show Battery Level and Charging Status.
  • Circuit Protection Prevents Battery from Over-Charging or Over-Discharging.
  • With Power Indicator.
  • With Dimmer to adjust Main Light and Work Light.
  • Built-in Charging Cable.
  • Infinitely Dimmable Camping Lantern.
  • Red Flashing-Warning Light.
  • 120 LM Lantern Comes with High Light and Low Light.
  • Dimming Control – (100% – 50%) at Each Mode of Lantern.
  • Recessed 180˚ Stainless Steel Hanging Hooks for Hand Free Use
  • High Quality ABS Material.

Additional information



Charging (input)

DC 5V / 1000mAh

Power Bank (Output)

DC 5V / 1000mAh

Charging Time

5 – 6 Hrs


High > Low > White Light > Red Flashing Light




CE / RoHS / FCC / BC