Flodable Pruning Saw 120mm

  • Ground & polished blade: computer controlled grinding machine produces taper – ground blade with greater thickness on the teeth Edge making the set of teeth unnecessary. Hard chrome plated finish is rust proof, friction free and produces a smooth cut.
  • Permanently filed teeth: unlike conventional methods teeth are sharpened by whetstone to produce a super sharp cutting edge far superior to the cut of saws with teeth sharpened by conventional filing. The sharpness is equal to that of a high quality knife. The teeth are also impulse hardened which gives them longer life.
  • Handle: The computer designed handle is based on human engineering principals. The handgrip is covered by a rubber cushion to prevent slipping. The special curve of the handle reduces effort required for cutting, making it possible to cut harder material with ease. The notch end of the handle prevents accidental dropping of the saw when loosely held.


  • High carbon steel SK5 (JIS).
  • Full filed teeth.
  • Super sharp cutting edges.
  • Taper-ground blade.
  • Polished and hard chrome plated blade to prevent rusting.
  • Super ergonomic comfortable handle grip design.
  • Soft rubber grip to provide non-slip comfortable handle.
  • Safety blade lock.
  • Fine plastic holster
  • Made In Korea

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Body Material

High carbon steel SK5

Handle Material